Impariamo Italiano


on March 21, 2017

Recently we have be learning about the annual celebration in Italy named ‘Carnevale’.

Carnevale celebrates the end of winter in Italy and the coming Spring season.  It is a festive season which occurs immediately before Lent.  Carnevale typically involves public celebrations, parades, and public street parties.  People often dress up with costumes during the celebrations.

Children and adults dress up with traditional and modern masks (maschere), and a variety of parties are scheduled in every Italian town, including in schools.  There are many parades (sfilate) in each Italian town, which typically are opened by a Carnevale master, and are made of sometimes very elaborate floats (carri), bands, and of course anybody who wants to join in.

The link here shows some video footage of this year’s Carnevale di Venezia (Venice).

In the past couple of weeks, the students have made their own maschera (mask) to celebrate Carnevale.




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