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Famiglia – Family

on November 2, 2016

Earlier this term, the students continued their learning of the famiglia words.  If you wish to see some of the children’s work about ‘la famiglia’, you are welcome to come and visit our new corridor display of their work.

As part of their learning, they listened to a story about a brother and sister’s visit to the ‘supermercato’ (supermarket). The story titled ‘Il Mio Fratellino’ (‘My Little Brother’) was a real hit with the students.  In the story, the boy asks his sister to push the trolley quickly around the supermarket.  He ends up knocking over all kinds of things, including foods and clothing and causes much frustration to the workers in the store.

If you wish to practise the family words with your children, you may wish to use this Languages Online link:

Happy learning 🙂






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