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Ecco Pinocchio – Here is Pinocchio

on July 13, 2016

The students are spending the start of this term learning about the parts of the body.  We are reading, reflecting and singing about a cute story titled ‘Ecco Pinocchio’. We have a lovely Pinocchio puppet in our room at the moment.  He brings lots of joy and laughter to our lessons.

photo 1   pinocchiopuppet

The prep students are being introduced to these words – eyes (occhi), hands (mani), nose (naso), legs (gambe) and mouth (bocca).  The grade 1 students are revising these words and adding five new words to their vocabulary – head (testa), ears (orecchie), hair (capelli), stomach (stomaco) and feet (piedi).

Feel free to use this You Tube clip titled ‘Il corpo – Italian body parts’ to explore these words and more.  I have placed a link to it under You Tube clips on the right of our blog page.

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