Impariamo Italiano

‘Anh Does Italy’

Recently we came across a fabulous two-part series based in Italy titled ‘Anh Does Italy’.

Anh Do is a famous Vietnamese-Australian comedian, artist and author.  in 2015 he filmed this series in Italy.  It takes us through many of the beautiful places in Italy and shows many of the cultural aspects of Italy.

You may like to watch some or all of this series at home.  Our grade 2 students have been enjoying watching small parts of the series from time to time.

Copy the link below into your browser if you want to watch it.

Anh Does Italy


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Recently we have be learning about the annual celebration in Italy named ‘Carnevale’.

Carnevale celebrates the end of winter in Italy and the coming Spring season.  It is a festive season which occurs immediately before Lent.  Carnevale typically involves public celebrations, parades, and public street parties.  People often dress up with costumes during the celebrations.

Children and adults dress up with traditional and modern masks (maschere), and a variety of parties are scheduled in every Italian town, including in schools.  There are many parades (sfilate) in each Italian town, which typically are opened by a Carnevale master, and are made of sometimes very elaborate floats (carri), bands, and of course anybody who wants to join in.

The link here shows some video footage of this year’s Carnevale di Venezia (Venice).

In the past couple of weeks, the students have made their own maschera (mask) to celebrate Carnevale.




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Benvenuti – Welcome

Welcome back to all our grade 1 and 2 students, and welcome to all our new prep students.  We are looking forward to a fabulous year of Italian learning with you all.

This year we have welcomed a new teacher to the Italian team – her name is Signora Dalton.  She has taught at Oatlands Primary School for many years and has been on family leave recently.

Signora Mammino is teaching half of the prep classes, all of the Grade 1 classes and all of the Grade 2 classes. Signora Dalton is teaching the other half of the prep classes.

This term we will be learning about three main things:

  • The country Italy – it’s location, language, population, what it is famous for.
  • Italian greetings – how to say ‘hello’, ‘goodbye’, ‘see you soon’, ‘good morning’, ‘good afternoon’ and ‘good night’.
  • Italian Carnevale – about this annual celebration and the masks related to this time of year.

The Italian rooms are located in the two portables closest to the junior end of the basketball courts.  The main Italian room is decorated with an Italian flag banner, this may help you locate it.

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us via email or in person.  Our email addresses are: &


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Last week our prep and grade 1 students spent their Italian lesson in the kitchen baking biscotti/biscuits. The children were lucky to have some of their buddy class join them for this experience. It was a lot of fun.

I hope you all get a chance to taste the biscotti this week when they bring home their little bag for their famiglia/family.

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Famiglia – Family

Earlier this term, the students continued their learning of the famiglia words.  If you wish to see some of the children’s work about ‘la famiglia’, you are welcome to come and visit our new corridor display of their work.

As part of their learning, they listened to a story about a brother and sister’s visit to the ‘supermercato’ (supermarket). The story titled ‘Il Mio Fratellino’ (‘My Little Brother’) was a real hit with the students.  In the story, the boy asks his sister to push the trolley quickly around the supermarket.  He ends up knocking over all kinds of things, including foods and clothing and causes much frustration to the workers in the store.

If you wish to practise the family words with your children, you may wish to use this Languages Online link:

Happy learning 🙂






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Italian incursion – Commedia Dell’Arte ‘Il Capitano’

Last week the Grade 1 students were fortunate enough to attend an Italian incursion at the BASC building.  We watched two men perform a comedy show for about an hour. During this show the men portrayed various famous Italian characters – including ‘Il Capitano’ (The Captain), Arlecchino (an acrobat), Pantalone (A Merchant from Venice), Pedrolino and Il Dottore (The Doctor).  These characters were some of the favorite characters of 17th– and 18th–century European theatre.

We were so impressed with the quality of the incursion and look forward to rebooking next year for the Grade 1 students of 2017.

The children and teachers smiled, laughed and were thoroughly entertained by this performance.

Here are some of the photos.

img_3146 img_3148 img_3149 img_3150 img_3152 img_3154 img_3163 img_3165 img_3168 img_3169 img_3190

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I Colori

We are currently exploring the Italian words for colours and are using various online resources to assist us with our learning.

You may like to use the two links below to help revise the colour words with your children.


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In Prep this week we began learning about animals.

In Grade 1 this week we began discussing our pets. We made a class graph to work out which pets are more common in each grade.

Here are some students with their wonderful work.

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Il canzone di Geppetto (Geppetto’s Song)

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Ecco Pinocchio – Here is Pinocchio

The students are spending the start of this term learning about the parts of the body.  We are reading, reflecting and singing about a cute story titled ‘Ecco Pinocchio’. We have a lovely Pinocchio puppet in our room at the moment.  He brings lots of joy and laughter to our lessons.

photo 1   pinocchiopuppet

The prep students are being introduced to these words – eyes (occhi), hands (mani), nose (naso), legs (gambe) and mouth (bocca).  The grade 1 students are revising these words and adding five new words to their vocabulary – head (testa), ears (orecchie), hair (capelli), stomach (stomaco) and feet (piedi).

Feel free to use this You Tube clip titled ‘Il corpo – Italian body parts’ to explore these words and more.  I have placed a link to it under You Tube clips on the right of our blog page.

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